Medica Media provides mobile media solutions for medical professionals.

Founded by Paul & Sethina Watson, doctors based in South West UK.

Sethina is a medical doctor who worked in Internet and communications for more than 15 years. She founded the web company and established it as a professional association for women in medicine with over 10,000 members. Ranked in top ten of medical organisation websites worldwide. She previously worked in PR, as a writer and Internet consultant.

Paul is an anaesthetic registrar. He has a keen interest in human factors, quality improvement and medical education. He is the author of PocketDr, the app for junior doctors on-call.

Prior to medical training Paul spent several years training at Taiwan's leading Chinese medicine clinic - Yu Sheng Chinese Medical Clinic - as an acupuncturist before returning to the UK to set up a successful clinic.

Our Story

Our first app - PocketDr - was born out of frustration at accessing and making sense of NHS Trust and NICE guidelines quickly at work when we needed them. PocketDr has gone on to become an iTunes best-selling app.

Since then we have gone on to design and produce a microbiology app and the successful Blood Codes app for NHS Blood and Transfusion (now re-released as Blood Components). 

Putting information in the hands of doctors.